What will the future of work in Rauma look like?

When the coronavirus reached Finland in the early spring of 2020, our lives changed dramatically as many others had changed their lives when the pandemic reached their shores. Distance work, change in working schedules and home schooling became the reality for millions of people across Finland and the world.

What will be the future of work in Rauma, will we continue with flexible schedules and work from home structures?

We interviewed Jere Saarela about the future of work in Rauma. Jere is a successful entrepreneur in Rauma who has also created the workspace called KONTTUUR which could be at the heart of Rauma’s post pandemic office transformation.

A workspace worth working in

Working at a distance will probably still be used to a larger extent after the pandemic, Jere explains, though he believes that work will largely go back to what it looked like before we were introduced to the work from home lifestyle.

The idea of a co-working office space in Rauma was formed already before the pandemic to attract people to the area, giving entrepreneurs a chance to work out of their homes. The office space Jere created is situated in the old dairy; even though the space had some interesting architectural challenges he managed to create a modern office space that allows for a focused working environment, but also invites people to network across companies and fields of work.

Getting through to the other side

The pandemic has also left its mark on KONTTUUR’s beginning, as people are more careful when it comes to gathering indoors. Jere is very honest and admits that it has not been easy and very few people have visited their co-working space even though they follow the guidelines of having a limit of six people being in the workspace at

the same time.

But there is a sense of optimism as the pandemic begins to slow down and restrictions are eased. There is room and hope for an easier future for the workforce of Rauma, he points out, especially as the summer holiday for the schools approaches and people working at home realize that it is not practical to work from home in that environment. Jere recognizes an opportunity for the co-working space to become an important part of Rauma’s future workspace as there is nothing else like KONTTUUR in Rauma.

Rauma, a pearl in Finland

Jere dreams of Rauma becoming an international city and sees many opportunities for Rauma to grow and succeed. Rauma is already in the very sense international and even though the Olkiluoto project (which brought in a large amount of international talent) is going into a new phase of operations where less people are needed, he hopes that these talents will stay in Rauma.

The co-working space is open 24/7 and provides an opportunity for cross boarder distance work to flow efficiently no matter the time of day, without disturbing one’s family’s schedules or sleep, which would be beneficial to international businesses and networking between Finnish companies and foreign partners.

Rauma offers something else than many other cities in Finland. It has both the modern city vibe and a glimpse into the past, a true pearl of Finland where cultures clash but you feel at home. The future of Rauma after the pandemic will surely be interesting, inspiring, and important for Finland and its international talents.