Looking to build your own home?

New to the community?

Have you just moved to a new location and would like to build a dream home of your own? Do you know where to start when you want to build a new home for yourself, but aren’t sure about the building contractors in the area? Maybe you have moved a long or short distance – No matter the distance, it is still a new location.

This article has been made in collaboration with RakKord Oy, to create awareness in regard to how to go about beginning the process of building a new home and extend the knowledge to international citizens who would like to build their own dream house in Rauma.

Moving to a new community

Moving to a new location, be it internationally or nationally it is often a step into the unknown. The culture may not be familiar to you, and you haven’t perhaps had the time or resources to explore the laws and regulations in regard to house building, or perhaps you have returned from abroad after several months or years, you might find that the laws and regulations since you left has changed drastically. In either case the best way to get started is to get some proper guidance on what your best options are.

Support and assistance available

International Rauma aims to help the international community navigate job searching and working life in Finland. In addition to supporting job search journeys International Rauma also offers the international community a voice with the “A Foreigners Experience of Rauma” survey which runs annually, the results are shared with a variety of local organizations, the city of Rauma and the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. Creating a safe space for international citizens by having a local organization with their interests at heart.

Building a new house is a large project, which only a few individual people or families choose to do, the building of houses by private consumers is less frequent. Therefore, the process of beginning the construction process might be unknown for many or at least somewhat uncertain. But this should not hold one back from the dream of building their own home.

International Rauma offers support and guidance for the international community and those coming to Rauma from abroad. RakKord Oy, on the other hand, is there to help and guide you on how to build a new home, holiday home or any other construction project - whether you are local or not. The world of construction may be unfamiliar to many, so we want to help you achieve the dream of constructing something new.

Contact us If you need local knowledge and support, please contact International Rauma:

If you dream of building, you can get help with this through RakKord Oy: