Educated International Talents are leaving Rauma - Renzo Bazzali's story

Hundreds of international students enroll to study at SAMK’s Rauma Campus each and every year, they also graduate with an outstanding Finnish education provided by the award winning Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, but they do not stay in Rauma, what is the reason behind this loss of well-educated talent?

We interviewed Renzo Bazzali an International Business student who left Rauma to work in Germany and we asked him about his reasons for not staying in Rauma and what he hopes for the future international graduates of SAMK.

Bazzali explains that prior to finding work in Germany, he had applied for work in Rauma and also broader within Finland and every time he was met with either straight rejection or no response at all. Bazzali applied to positions both within his field of study but also outside of the business field. During the search for employment Bazzali’s lecturers from SAMK tried to assist him in his search for work within Finland.

Bazzali wanted to stay in Finland, as the quality of life in Finland is high and even though Rauma is small and is missing some social activities for internationals, he explains that Rauma is a safe, welcoming and accepting place to live, Bazzali goes on to explain that he never felt rejected while living in Rauma in generally, rejection was only felt in connection with finding employment and as he couldn’t find employment staying in Rauma or even Finland in general was not an option for him. He acknowledges that it was likely due to his lack of Finnish language skills that made it difficult for him to find work in Finland, which he understands can be important in connection to certain job functions, but as he applied largely to positions with an international focus, he found it difficult to understand why his Finnish skills was such a determining factor.

In regard to whether Bazzali would move back to Finland he says that, he does not see it as an opportunity for him in the near future, but he feels he owes Finland something as his education was paid by Finnish tax payers, he dreams of studying further in the field of international business and would with certainty consider coming back to Finland to complete a masters degree and he has hope that it could make employment in Finland a possibility.


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