3 Reasons why Rauma charms everyone!

An important thing I’ve learned throughout my journey of creating International Rauma is how much Rauma has to offer and how many people love this beautiful pearl of Finland: The Finns who’ve lived here their whole life sharing their stories with me, the Finns who just moved here to work for a while but ended up falling in love with Rauma. Not to forget the internationals who chose Rauma as their destination – out of all other places on earth, they chose Rauma.

Why does Rauma charm you so easily? Well, there’s not one particular reason why, it is more like a collection of reasons and here are a few.

A poetic glance into the past

The beautiful old wooden houses of Rauma tell a history of the people who shaped

Rauma and made it an influential seaside city. A walk through the old town is inspiring and beautiful: In the summer, it is a warm welcome that brings a smile to one’s lips. In the winter, it is a wonderland of imagination where the snow hugs the old wooden houses as it has done, winter after winter. No matter the season, the old town has an almost poetic scenery you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Education as an experience

Many people come to study in Rauma as Finland offers excellent education that is admired around the world. The opportunity to learn and experience a small seaside city with a warm community is unique, this is something only Rauma can offer in Finland. SAMK in Rauma educates both Finnish and international minds who will go out into the world and share the knowledge they learned in Finland and spread the tales of Rauma and what they experienced while learning all of their skills at SAMK.

Fresh air and bikes

Rauma has just the right size. It is not too big and not too small. You don’t necessarily need a car; the city has well-maintained biking lanes and footpaths. The size of the city makes it effortless to go by bike or on foot. The beautiful atmosphere of Rauma is the reward for slowing down and walking to your destination, be it for a gathering with friends at a café or a trip to the nearest park to enjoy the day.

So, you see, these were only a few of the reasons of why people fall in love with Rauma and why they’d like to stay and contribute to the community of Rauma.